Op Camp

Opportunity Camp is a mission of 4th and Elm Church of Christ and is for students in Nolan County who are interested in

attending church camp.  Camp is held at Camp Butman outside of Merkel, Texas (a short drive away), from Sunday to Thursday.


Any student who is an incoming 4th grader through an incoming 7th grader is welcome to attend with us.  The staff at camp comes from Sweetwater, Mineral Wells, Plainview, Snyder, Midland and Abilene.

Scholarship applications are sent out in May each year, and around 40 spots are available for Nolan County students.   

Our mission is simple and yet so big - love students relentlessly, give hope, and share Jesus!

Overnight Op camp staff

To help us in our mission, we are looking for high school students (and beyond) who are willing to commit to being a cabin counselor or a member of the recreation crew.  With the help of a co-counselor, a cabin counselor gives 72 hours of unconditional love to a small group of students.  Recreation Crew is a behind-the-scenes group who works diligently to make sure all games and rec time are awesome for kids!  

Cost - $150

Day staff

Our day staff comes out during the daytime to help lead one student in a Forest Walk Bible study, help with Rec Time, and eat lunch with students.  The Forest Walk is on the favorite list of each camper.