Youth and Family Minister Search Process 2019


We have begun the search for the right person to lead our work in the spiritual formation of teens. We have outlined a process that we think will help us discover great candidates and insure a great fit for 4th and Elm.

We are looking for a teammate, someone who will be a great fit with our current ministry staff.

We have enjoyed that with Will and Kelsie and find that is an important gift for our church


We are looking for someone who will take 100% responsibility to assist parents and families in

the spiritual formation of the teens in their family. We believe that this minister will also bring

other gifts to our 4th and Elm family. We hope that all of their gifts will be called into the service

of the Kingdom of God in this community.

Here is how we have designed the process to work.

The whole congregation is invited to look into their networks to find talented individuals.

If you have someone in mind, you will make the first contact. You can direct them to the website for a glimpse of the life of 4th and Elm. Ask them if they would be interested in a conversation about joining us.

If that someone says yes, they would like to have a conversation, please forward their contact information to the office (to Robin, or any of the staff members). We will make an initial contact, providing information and background. If that conversation goes well, we will ask them for their resume or curriculum vitae

If that information is encouraging, then we will begin to negotiate an interview with parents and teens.

If that interview goes well and the parents, teens, and candidate are interested, then we will work to schedule an interview with the elders, that would include negotiations for accepting this ministry position in our church family.

Please be praying for the family that would be the best fit for 4thand Elm. 

We would love to have someone in place before the summer months begin!

If you have questions, please ask them!

We are working for the blessing of all!