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2 Peter 1:3 “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness, through our knowledge of Him who called us.”
Classes offered on Sunday mornings (9:30-10:15) and Wednesday evenings (7:00-8:00).


Children’s Minister: Melanie Gibson


Nursery (NB to 1 year)

Our babies are loved and nurtured in a caring environment.  A simple class routine of songs of Jesus, the Bible, and creation are introduced to our babies.


Toddler’s (1 to 3 years)

Coordinator and Teacher: Ann Nelson
Additional Teachers: Norma Bonner, Glenda Kinney, & Martha Donham

Our toddlers’ learn about a month of creation for 7 months, and then spend the next 4 months on a different sense God has given us.  The last month Baby Jesus is taught.  Through song and exploration of the senses, our toddlers are excited to learn and grow into their independent selves, knowing that Jesus loves and created them.


3’s and 4’s

Sunday Teacher: Elsie Pierce

Our 3’s and 4’s theme is “Let’s Learn God’s Ways.”  Each quarter has a different focus: Quarter 1 – God’s Way With Me, Quarter 2 – God’s Way with Family and Friends, Quarter 3 – God’s Way with the World, & Quarter 4 – I Choose God’s Way.  The Bible story is repeated on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening with varying activities – art, science/math, look and listen, creative movement, game, and snack bin.


Pre-K and Kindergarten

Coordinator: Scott and Heidi Schlemmer
Sunday Teacher: Valda Henderson

In a year span, our children are taken through the major stories of the Bible, learning a different story on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  Different activities are planned to reinforce lesson concepts. On Wednesday evenings, children rotate in groups to arts & Crafts, games or music, and food/snack.

1st to 6th grade

Sunday Classes


2012-07-18 Choas Pics & Video (7)
Coordinator: Carol Frye

Through various storytelling techniques, the Bible story is presented in its entirety.

Music & Memory

IMG_0168Coordinator: Cody Paty

Through the use of song and music games, our students will memorize the Bible and its concepts.  Our hope is that by the time our students leave 5th grade, they will have 60 plus verses in their heart.

Geography & Culture

IMG_0204Coordinator: Ginger Paty

Our students will learn the culture of what was happening in the world during the Bible story and also where in the world this story took place.  The students will also use a timeline to help them understand how this particular story fits into the “big picture” of the Bible.

Wednesday Night Classes

Art, Science, and Cooking

IMG_0233Coordinator: Stephanie Baker

Students will use their hands to cook, create, learn, and experience the Bible story.  Our goal is that through experiences the knowledge of the Bible will stick long after the story is told.


IMG_0213Coordinator: Blair Gibson
Students will renact the Bible story through drama – complete with costumes, lights, and all!  What better way to experience what the characters were feeling and thinking than to actually “walk” and “talk” just what happened!!


Coordinator: Karla Hayes
We will be using various games to help the students review the entire Bible story.  Our children that learn through being active will really benefit and enjoy this workshop!



CHAOS is the Japanese symbol for opportunity.  We take the opportunity once a quarter to “mix” things up and create opportunities to learn and reach out.  We begin the evening with a meal and singing.  Then, students learn and rotate throughout stations: food & puppets, games, and arts/crafts.