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Kiss The Pig 2015

The children of our church were presented with a challenge to raise $1,000 to buy songbooks and Bibles for our Christian family in Sabinas, Mexico.  To ensure this was a success, we found 10 willing volunteers to “kiss a pig” if his or her piggy bank received the most funds.  Children got to work – selling cookies and lemonade, rolling coins, helping with yard work, and doing chores.  As children received money for their work, the coins and dollars began piling into the piggy banks!  There was one bank that stood out among the rest!  On May 24 at our potluck fiesta, we revealed the “winner” and “runner-up.”  The runner-up, Billy Whisenant, had to kiss a cute piglet named Pearl!  The grand-prize winner, Ginger Paty, had to kiss a hog.  The children rose to the challenge and 72 songbooks and 48 Bible were purchased!.  We are thrilled that the work of the Lord will continue in Sabinas, Mexico, as it has for many years!